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Four Privacy Promises

We try to collect as little data as possible from you. However, sometimes it is necessary to, for example, deliver your order or to gauge your opinion of a new product page. TransIP handles your data with care and ensures that your privacy is protected. That is why we give you these four privacy promises:

We protect your personal data as if it were our own.

We only use your personal data for the purposes described in this privacy statement.

We do not retain your data for longer than is necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned in this privacy statement.

We never share your personal data with other parties without a valid reason.

What personal data does TransIP process?

To execute the agreement you enter into with us, we require the following personal data from you

Name and address details

We store your name so that we don't have to address you by your customer number. We need your address and place of residence, among other things, to create invoices, to contact you, or to come over for a cup of coffee (if you invite us).

Company information

Keeping personal and business information separate is more convenient. That is why we ask you to fill in your (company) name and address when you purchase our products as a business.

Email address

We store your email address so that we can send you important messages about your order or account. We may also use your email address to keep you up-to-date via newsletters about new developments at TransIP. Of course, you have the option to unsubscribe.

Phone number

We use your phone number to contact you in case of an emergency or to ask for your input. We also use your number to send SMS messages for the purpose of two-factor authentication or to monitor your VPS.

Login details and customer number

We store your login details to secure access to your account so that only you or people with whom you share these details can log in. We also create a unique customer number to assist you faster.

IP address

We store your IP address to provide you with an overview of which IP address has logged in to your account or made changes. This address is also used to better protect your account against unauthorized access from other locations.

Payment details

We store payment details – such as your PayPal and credit card information, your bank account number, and your name as the account holder – after a successful order. We also use other parties, such as credit card companies, to process your payments. We create a unique quote number and invoice number for each order, which are linked to your account.

Other data processed by TransIP

We also collect some personal data that is not intended for the execution of an agreement. We do this based on a legitimate interest or with your consent. This concerns the following data:


Some of the personal data mentioned above, in combination with the cookies we place, allow us to see how you use our website and services and where your interests lie. This enables us to better tailor our website, services, and advertisements to your liking. The consent you have given for the placement of cookies and the display of advertisements can be revoked at any time.

Server logs

After the end of your agreement, you can choose to stop it and not renew it (automatically). Keep in mind a notice period of one month. At the earliest, a domain name registration can be terminated after 11 months. For services that only last a month, they can be terminated from the first day. Finally, don't forget to download your data and backups before terminating your services! The door is always open for you if you decide to come back later.

Crash data

For analyzing and preventing crashes in the STACK app, we may collect personal data. These data are only used to improve the STACK app and are not used for commercial purposes. The data will be stored for 3 months. You can turn off your consent to process this data within the settings of your STACK environment.

Other personal data

Sometimes we receive additional personal data via support tickets, social media messages or email messages that we have not requested. If we do not need this personal data to help you further, we will delete it - as far as technically possible.

Purposes of data processing

Of course, we do not process your personal data without underlying reasons, but we need them for:

Providing access to our website and services, so that you can, for example, log in to your control panel.

Making useful features work on our website, so that your shopping cart, for example, is saved for your next visit.

Entering into and performing your agreement with us, so that we know which services you are entitled to.

Contacting you, for example, to help you with a problem you are encountering.

Handling your complaint, for a long and happy relationship.

Securing our services and combating fraud, so that, for example, someone else does not pretend to be you.

After obtaining your consent, we also use your personal data for:

Obtaining insight into the use of our website, so that we, for example, know which pages need to be better designed.

Improving and evaluating our website and services, so that we, for example, know which new features you would like to see in our services.

Adjusting our content to your interests, so that you, for example, do not see ads on Google or Facebook that have no added value.

Sharing special marketing actions, promotions and offers that are tailored to your data.

We will not use your personal data for purposes other than those discussed above, unless you have given prior consent or we are legally required to do so. You can manage the setting for this consent yourself at any time via your control panel.


We take strict security measures to prevent misuse of and unauthorized access to your personal data. This ensures that only necessary persons have access to your data, that access to your data is shielded, and that our security measures are regularly reviewed. In addition, we use SSL certificates for secure transfer of your data and your communication with us.

Your privacy and third parties

If someone offers us a million euros to buy your personal data, we will kindly show them the door. We will only share your data with others in the following three cases:

For providing or executing our services

We use payment services such as iDEAL or PayPal to enable various payment methods.

For fulfilling a legal obligation

A police request can require us to share your data with the police.

For registering a domain name

Your data and domain name will be included in the whois database of the responsible domain name organization. If we do not share this, registering a domain name is not possible.

With your consent, we will share your data with third parties in the following three cases:

For improving our services, website, or advertisements

We use software from other parties to measure how well a new product page is received by you. For this, we use, among other things, the American Google Analytics, with whom we have concluded a processing agreement. More information about data processing by Google Analytics can be found in Google's Privacy Policy.

To distinguish between natural persons and automated processing

On this website, we also use the reCAPTCHA function from Google. This function is mainly used to distinguish whether input is made by a natural person or by machine and automated processing. It includes sending the IP address to Google and any other data necessary for the operation of reCAPTCHA. Additional information about reCAPTCHA and Google's privacy policy can be found in Google's Privacy Policy.

For obtaining feedback

We use research agencies to hear how satisfied you are with our services.

Within the group to which TransIP belongs, your data can be exchanged within the European Union for the purposes mentioned above. Exchange within the group plays a role especially for marketing purposes and internal management activities (including internal analyses). Of course, no more data is exchanged than is reasonably necessary.

Our hawk eyes, muscles, and sharp agreements ensure that your data is well-protected and secured, even after it has been shared with another party.

Automated decisions

Sometimes we make an automated decision based on personal data. Below we explain how this happens, what the reason is, and what consequences this may have for you.

When a bill is not paid on time, we will automatically send some warnings to the non-paying customer. If nothing is done after that, we will block the services that are purchased from us. As a last resort, a collection agency will be called in before services are automatically terminated.


Cookies can also contain personal data about, for example, your browsing behavior and interests. Check out our cookie statement for all the ins and outs about the cookies we use.

Third-party websites

Our privacy and cookie statement does not apply to other websites to which we link from, among other things, our blog articles. Of course, we cannot see if they treat your data as nicely as we do. If you end up on another company's website, don't forget to read their privacy and cookie statement carefully before sharing your personal data.

Your privacy rights

As a user of our website and services, you have some handy privacy rights at your disposal. For example, you can ask us for access to or correction, relocation, or deletion of your personal data. In addition, it is possible to ask for the further processing of your personal data to be temporarily suspended or even to object to it.

If you want to exercise these rights or know more about them, please contact us through your control panel or email

To avoid tinkering with the wrong personal data, we may ask you to identify yourself adequately by sending a message from your control panel.

It is also possible to contact us if you do not want to exercise any of your privacy rights, but want to file a complaint about something you are not satisfied with. Under privacy legislation, you also have the right to approach the Dutch data protection authority, the Authority for Personal Data, which is the Dutch watchdog for privacy legislation.